Should I get black box insurance if I am a student?

After passing your driving test your mind will immediately turn to how you’re going to put your new full driving licence to use. Usually this means buying your first car, and after purchasing your first car your mind will now turn to taxing it and insuring it. Whilst taxing your car is a simple and easy process, taking out your first insurance policy is not. The chances are you’ll be in full time education, whether that’s sixth form, college or some other form of higher education, and this means you’ll probably want a Student Car insurance policy, perhaps in the form of Black Box insurance.

Black Box for Sixth Form Students

If you’ve just passed your test several months after your 17th birthday, there’s a good chance you’re still in sixth form, and of course are probably quite excited about joining the elite sixth form car ownership club after purchasing, being gifted or inheriting a car. However, first you’ll need to navigate the world of insurance so that your new car is protected, which means either taking out a Student Car insurance policy or Black Box insurance. The latter, as it includes a black box, will be more beneficial for driver safety as you’ll continue to drive in the manner that helped you successfully pass your practical driving test, and will probably save you money at the same time.

Black Box for College Students

As a student studying in university or college you may be in the same situation as a sixth form student, however you may be a little bit older (and wiser!). Indeed, you may have already been driving a year or two and know all about having a Black Box insurance policy and may be thinking about taking out a Student Car insurance policy that doesn’t require a black box. If you are still thinking about that then it’s worth remembering that a Black Box insurance policy will probably still be significantly cheaper, and also comes with other benefits like feedback on your driving performance to help you improve, and acting as a tracking device in case your car is stolen.

Black Box for University Students

As someone in university you’ll no doubt have a restricted budget but still need a car, especially if your home is rural based or you commute from your home to university in a nearby city. To keep your insurance costs as low as possible, you should take out a Black Box insurance policy or at least find a Student Car insurance policy that includes a black box. You should be able to find a Student Car insurance policy that suits the type of student driver you are, whether you use your car to primarily travel to university in the city you’re based in, or you only use it to visit your hometown and drive home in between term time.

Black Box Is Bad for Distracted Drivers

There’s a lot of negativity surrounding Black Box insurance, and some resentment of having a black box installed in your car. However, the benefits far outweigh the positives. For one, you’re more or less guaranteed a lower price on your Student Car insurance, and furthermore it can actually improve driver safety. As long as you’re a safe driver and navigate the roads sensibly, you probably won’t ever notice your black box, nor should you. The only type of drivers that a black box negatively affects is distracted drivers or those that ignore the rules of the road and drive badly or carelessly. Make sure that any passengers in your vehicle know that you have a black box fitted and your driving performance is monitored, and make sure they aren’t distracting you while you’re driving, causing you to lose concentration or affect your driving performance.


A Black box is the solution whatever type of student you are, whether you are in sixth form, college or university. Not only can it help you get a lower price on your insurance, but it’ll keep the good habits you developed as a learner driver in check and will even help you finely tune them, ensuring you’re a spectacular example of driver safety. As a student, your finances are going to be understandably tight, therefore taking out Black Box insurance makes even more sense. Why would you waste thousands of pounds on a Student Car insurance policy that doesn’t have a black box, just because it doesn’t have a black box?